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Loan to Home Program

Get back on track.


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The "Loan to Home" Program is simply to help our clients obtain a home loan and be able to purchase thier new home.Faced with bankruptcy, foreclosure, job-loss, divorce, medical bills? Feel like there is no recovery? There is good news. Help is here and it is easier then you may think. The saying is very true, "bad things happen to good people" and not only do we understand this, but we provide support for people just like this. Our "Loan to Home" Program is custom-made to fit most any credit-challenging situation and it works. We can help you rebuild your credit life and get back on track. We have helped hundreds of people which have suffered an economic setback in thier life, to get back on track and get into home-ownership once again. Clients have not only aquired a new home, but they have also enjoyed a solid credit score. This allows them to obtain credit cards, auto-loans, and other credit driven products at low interest rates.

Consulting Services

Get one on one personal and confidential attention from our staff. No obligation or pressure of anykind. Sit down and explore options to recover. Our knowledgable staff with over 10 years of combined experience in the finance and real-estate industries can put together a plan which will be successful for you. . This is why we call our program, the "Loan to Home Program." Everyday we meet with credit challenged individuals, evaulate thier situation and design a strategy to help them get back on track and into a home. Our methods are proven and effective. There is no other program like this on the market today.

Rebuild Your Credit Score

Let's face it, the 3 numbers on your credit report most often times reffered to as, "The FICO Credit Score" number, is the most important number in our lives today. This number gives access to  low-interest mortgage loans, credit cards, auto-loans, and home-ownership. Without a good solid number, these things are very hard to obtain. Once you are enrolled into the program, we go to work on a daily basis immediately re-building this number. Most times, our clients will see improvement in as little as 3 months. However, our goal is to make the credit report as clean as possible thus raising the FICO credit score number. Once the number is raised, we then move into the second phase of our program, which is obtaining a credit card, a loan, or home mortgage. This process is different for everyone as each person has a unique situation. The client graduates from our program and is typically moving into thier new home soon after. It is also important to understand, we are not a "credit repair agency." We will not sign you up on a monthly program and then leave you to figure things out for yourself. Unlike many others, we do the work for you. However, it is important to understand, the methods we apply in our program are available to anyone. You could do this on your own at no cost. Everything we do, you can do on your own. However, we also have experience, established relationships and resources which we have aquired over the many years in this business; and we put them all to work for you. Plus, we are a group of realtors and finacial experts which have developed this proven method over many years. Why not take advantage of our experience and knowledge and get back on track quickly and effectively? Our program literally takes our clients from any credit challenging situation to home ownership.

Get back on track

This is where fun begins. At some point during your program, your counselor will tell you they think you are close enough to completion and it is time to start shopping for your new home. Our consultant will sit down with you, and work with you to develop a budget. From this budget and based on your credit score, you both determine the amount of house you will be able to purchase. Once you and your consultant have decided on a price-point, location, and ammenities, it will be time to go shopping. However, there are considerations to think about. For instance, let's talk about down payments. Are you currently saving for a down payment on a home while you are renting? If so, then I have one question for you.... why? You see, not only can our consultants help scrub your credit report and raise your number, but we can also position you to be ready to purchase a home. This includes, introducing you to our resources. We have resources at some of the largest banks and financial institutions and because you are a client of ours, they will be standing ready to lend you money. On top of this, we also have resources to provide you with down payment aissistance for your new mortgage. These programs are backed by the government and utilize some of the nations oldest financial insititutions. Again, I will ask the question...are you saving for a down payment on a home? Why? This is truly where we shine. Our consultants are professional, highly skilled, licensed, experienced realtors and financial experts and they will guide you through every step of the way. They will be your resource from day one, all the way to the closing table.g your life.


101 Bullitt Lane

Louisville, Kentucky 40222




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