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The Prices




FREE - Initial consultation visit. No obligation. Come spend 30 minutes with one of our counselors and see what we can do for you.


   With the exception of the required mortgage credit report, the prices shown below are for consulting services only. The cost covers our consulting time over the "re-build" process.    
   After looking at your mortgage credit report, our counselors will evaulate your situation and build a customized plan to get you back on track and into a home. The time it takes to rebuild credit, obtain a loan, and aquire a home can be anywhere from 6 to 18 months, depending upon your personal situation. However, the cost is a fixed cost and will never go over this amount.    
  Mortgage Credit Report - Pulling your mortgage credit report is required. This is the roadmap to help us evaulate your situation and develop a plan for you to rebuild your credit score and aquire a home.    
Application Fee
This is a Residential Mortgage Credit Report and it is required.
This is the starting point and is needed to build your
personal "Dream Sheet."
Program Fee
One time charge is payable at engagement of consulting services.



DISCLAIMER - The money charged to our clients is a application fee only and non- refundable.. This is not a credit repair service. Credit Repair is a free service The intended objective is to help our clients recover from bankruptcy, foreclosure, job-loss, divorce, or any other credit-challenging circumstance and re-gain homeownership. As a result, most of our clients see an increase in thier credit score and this is completely a by-product of the "Loan To Home Program."  and the clientts due dilligence.





Our guarantee comes with an action plan which gives our clients a guarantee to reach thier goals.

We guarantee you will be eligable and approved for a consumer home mortgage loan, as well as an improved FICO Credit Score by completing and graduating from the "Loan to Home" Program.

This guarantee is granted with the following terms and conditions:


  • Once enrolled in the "Loan to Home" Program, clients agree to fill-out and complete an "Action Plan" as required by Loan to Home. Any deviation from the "Action Plan"  can  cuase the client to not achieve a home loan .
  • Loan to Home clients must sign an exclusive "right to buy" (*see definition below) with Martin Stiff/United Real Estate.
  • Because everyone's situation is different, it is understood, we can not guarantee a definitive time of completion.
  • Exclusive Right to Buy - Client agrees to purchase thier new home through Martin Stiff and United Real Estate.


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