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 Loan to Home Program

Start fresh.







Raise your FICO credit score

The FICO Credit Score number, is the most important number in our lives today. This number gives access to  low-interest loans, credit cards, auto-loans, and home-ownership. Without a good solid number, these things are very hard to obtain. Once you are enrolled into the program, we go to work on a daily basis immediately re-building this number. Most times, our clients will see improvement in as little as 3 months. However, our goal is to make the credit report as clean as possible thus raising the FICO credit score number. When you enroll in the "Loan to Home Success Program", the goal is to graduate and be able to purchase a home. However, the by-product to all the hard work, is an increased credit score. While in the program, our consultants work to "scrub" your credit file and position you to become eligible for credit driven products. Auto-loans, credit-cards, personal-loans, and even home mortages are some of these products. The table below shows the various areas we focus on and the desired results.
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 The Goal


One of our goals is to position you to be able to aquire loans, credit cards, low interest rates, and home mortgages. In very simple terms, this means scrubbing your credit file and cleaning it up. This will ultimately raise your credit score. Aquiring these iteams is not what this program is about. We are not trying to rack up more debt. Let's face it, this is what caused the situation in the first place. However, we do need to be in a position where the credit score will allow us to aquire these things. This is part of getting back on track.




On the road to recovery, we use various methods to increase the credit rating. This is very important. Maintaining the correct ratio between debt,credit,available balance, and payment history is key to building a credit worthy foundation. This is the single most important factor in determining the "credit risk" and is ultimately the difference between approval and rejection.



  • Secured credit cards
  • "Credit-Builder" loans from local banks
  • Trade-Line Creditors



We have relationships with many local banks and financial institutions. We use these relationships to your benefit. We will arrange one-on-one meetings with these people. Our consultants will accompany you to these meetings and make introductions as well as guide you through the process. .

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101 Bullitt Lane

Louisville, Kentucky 40222




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